foot & mouth tourism funding


Project overview:

Delivered by our MD Angie Petkovic, the remit of this funding project was to support all tourism businesses in The Cotswolds that were badly affected by the disastrous Foot & Mouth outbreak.

Angie took responsibility for the funding in the region, working directly with tourism, hospitality and leisure businesses, from large tourist attractions through to independent B&B owners. As well as reviewing grant applications and distributing successful applicant grant funding, Angie also devised a number of hospitality training courses, helping to coach businesses in diversification techniques, and marketing & pr, enabling them to enter new markets and survive one of the worst periods faced by rural, countryside businesses.

At the same time as delivering the project, Angie became an ambassador for the region, an advisor to the Bank of England on behalf of small businesses, and a key spokesperson, including radio and press interviews and television appearances on the BBC and Sky News for example. She later joined the Lord Haskins Inquiry into Foot & Mouth, representing tourism, leisure and hospitality and highlighting the plight of these businesses alongside the farmers badly affected.


  • Delivered grant aid for F&M = 3.7 million in 16 weeks
  • Biggest grant was £15,000
  • Supported local tourism business including devising and delivering training & strategy on diversification and new markets


And also...

  • Delivered 12 courses on managing business in times of crisis
  • Completed 500 individual visit to businesses
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