How we work

Whether you need help to tackle and promote a specific project, or you want ongoing strategic support with day-to-day delivery, we can help. 

Angie Petkovic, our Managing Director, set up apt after leaving her own hotel behind, specifically to offer specialist support to tourism, hospitality and leisure businesses, which was something she had struggled to find. As a result, we believe in being relevant, flexible and affordable, working at a pace and to a budget that suits you, whilst still maximising the results that we acheive.  

Here's a bit more on how we work, and if you are interested, then feel free to contact us on 01242 250692 for a no obligation chat!


You can opt to work with us on a retained basis, using us to drive you business year-round. Many of our clients like this approach and we have worked with many of them for years...


  • Continued access to our knowledge & expertise
  • Supports ongoing growth & development
  • Means we spot the opportunities for your business, locally and nationally
  • Gives you more time to concentrate on other things knowing your marketing is in safe hands
  • Can be a cost-effective addition to or replacement of an in-house marketing team – lower overheads and helps spread the cost

...or you can use us to support a specific project, or objective or to plug a gap.


  • Fixed costs for a specific project
  • Provides additional resource or expertise when you need it
  • Clear, short-term deliverables
  • Specific return-on-investment measures
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